About Me


The son of immigrant parents from Iraq, Christian A. Bashi has learned that patience, hard work, and humility are marks of good character. While working in his father's small business, Christian was instilled with an aggressive attitude and critical thinking skills at a young age. Nevertheless, it is his empathy and clarity that set him apart from the rest.

Christian attended the University of Detroit Jesuit High School in Detroit, Michigan. He graduated from the University of Michigan, receiving a bachelor's degree in history. He is currently a Juris Doctor candidate at the University of Michigan Law School, where he is an editor of the Michigan Law Review.

In February 2015, Christian was one of three University of Michigan students to be named a Bonderman Fellow, receiving a $20,000 grant to travel the globe alone for eight consecutive months. The Fellowship forbids travel to western Europe, and Fellows must visit at least six countries on two continents. 

From August 2015 to April 2016, Christian visited 72 cities in 13 countries, spanning 3 continents. This website is dedicated to that odyssey, and to adventures yet to come.